Vance River Church of the Nazarene
Vance River Church of the Nazarene is situated on the Southern Main Road in Vance River Village, La Brea. The church had its early beginning in a Sunday School, that began on the 3rd October 1954 by Dorothy and Howard says, under a house in the community.  The first attendees were Allan Mc Alpin and two other children that he took with him. 

In 1955 Louise Chapman visited Vance River and fell in love with the work. On her return to the United States she raised money to erect a chapel at our present location having granted a lease for the land from the now defunct Kern Oil Company, to build the chapel. Cecil Loney, a new graduate of NTC now CNC who came  to assist with the work, in 1955, was given the  sole responsibility to overseer the work. In 1958 the church was dedicated and the keys were handed to him making him the first  official Pastor of Vance River Church Of The Nazarene. We have crossed the 50 mile mark of existence and continues to be a beacon of hope in our community and environs.

Our message is still Holiness Unto The Lord.

Sunday Morning Worship 7:45 a.m.
Sunday Sunday School 10:00 a.m
2nd, 3rd, 4th Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study  
1st Wednesday NMI Prayer & Fasting  
Friday Youth Service  
2nd Monday of each Month Women Ministry Meeting  
Last Tuesday of each month Men Ministry Meeting  
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