Tunapuna Church of the Nazarene
Church Introduction

 The Tunapuna Church was started by missionaries Rev. I. Hill and his wife Nora on Railway Road, close to the

market in the late 1926.  Its founding members were Bros. Wooding, Nello Rawlins (brother of deceased Joseph

Rawlins), Belgrave and his wife Sis Woodman.


Due to the Hills busy schedule, the work at Tunapuna had to have a pastor or be closed.  Carlotta Ursula Graham

who had landed in Trinidad on November 7,1926 was staying at the Hills.  She was faced with the proposition of

pasturing this work. Would she accept this pastorate and remain in Trinidad or return to Barbados to continue

holding revivals?  She prayed for guidance and God led her to enter the open door at Tunapuna.

 Sis Graham returned to Barbados for the Christmas and New Year season and on returning to Trinidad on

January 15,1927 she located a home in Tunapuna where she conducted her first services.  It was the beginning

of a long-term pastorate which spanned 38 years.In 1937 Rev. Carlotta Graham visited the United States for one

year and it was there that she told her friends there of the work in Trinidad.  Friends and fellow christians rallied

to her aid and she returned with a considerable amount of money to invest at Tunapuna where she purchased a

lot of land large enough for both a church and a manse at Lashley Street, Tunapuna which is now the current

church site. They had the land,but not nearly enough material to build and complete the structure.  With much

help from the General Assembly, Mr. Hill and Dr and Mrs Haldor Lillenas who gave $500.00 in memory of

her father, the late General Superintendent Wilson, the church was completed and Dr. C. Warren Jones,

the then Secretary of the Department of Foreign Missions dedicated the church as the Wilson Memorial Church

on April 27, 1941.  The church manse was built the following year.


Tunapuna Church of the Nazarene



SundaySunday School9:00 a.m.
SundayMorning Worship10:15 a.m
Last Sunday N.M.I7:00 p.m.
WednesdayMidweek Prayer and Bible Study7:00 p.m


Rev. Nazim Mohammed    

Linnette Doyle        Secretary
Dave Adams Head of Stewards
Karen Fraser
 NMI/ Womens Ministry
Charmaine GreeneChurch Treasurer
Courtney GreeneHead of Trustees
Albert Hollis Archer Elder
Gelien Matthews Sunday School Discipleship   Ministries
Sheldon Alexander
 Youth Group


Non divsional heads on the board


Information on and from the Pastor

Rev. Nazim Mohammed is the thirteenth pastor here in Tunapuna.  His ministry started on August 1, 2005. 

He is married to Candida and they have three children, Levi, Judah and Tehilla.



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