District Superintendent

Reverend Victor George

Victor George
District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Victor George

In this twin isle nation with a population of over 1.3 million, there are numerous men and women who do not know God. Within the confines of this country’s school walls are boys and girls who never heard the gospel story, while there are thousands who have given up on life.

In this land filled with crime and violence, there must be a spiritual leader who like the sons of Isaachar, understood the times and knew what to do. There must be a spiritual leader who is unafraid to confront the evils that continue to dinge this beloved country. There must be a visionary leader with the godly tenacity to ensure that every job and assignment that God has laid on their heart will get done.

God has sent such a man to the Church of the Nazarene, Trinidad and Tobago District.  Rev Victor George has so far proven to be the man for the job. Since his appointment to the post of District Superintendent in 2006, God has enabled him along with his ministerial teams to successfully raise the Church’s banner. This list of accomplishments includes the launch of the Church’s History Book and Centennial Celebrations as well as the effective NYI and Holiness Conventions held over the past two years, the drafting and implementation of the Church’s Mission and Vision Document and the construction of the District Website.  He has also given full support and coaching to two church starts which are currently on the way and if all goes well, they will be soon be added to the District’s Church Directory.  

Born March 16th 1960 in the sister isle of Tobago, Rev George married his sweetheart Marilyn Charles George on August 16th 1986. From this relationship sprung two wonderful children: Shimeka and Michael. Despite his drive to advance the Kingdom of God and build the Church, Rev George loves his family and still believes that they are his first ministry. At present his daughter Shimeka is studying medicine at the University of the West Indies while his son is still in primary school.
Rev. Dr. Victor George with his wife Marilyn and children  Shimeka and Michael
Shimeka George, Victor George, Marilyn George, Michael George

Rev George was ordained an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene in March 1990. He obtained his Ministerial Diploma in Theology from the Caribbean Nazarene College and later successfully completed the Bachelor of Arts in Theology and the Masters of Ministry in Counseling at the Covington Theological Seminary.

In no lesser terms, Rev George has dedicated his life to the Lord, His Church, and by extension, this District. His ministerial service includes his first Pastorate, Cocorite Church of the Nazarene, and subsequently four years spent as Pastor at Five Rivers and 12 years in Arima. He also served for one year as District NYI Vice President and seven years as District NYI President. He also held the post of regional NYI President, member of the General NYI Council, member of the District Advisory Board, District Evangelism Board, District Pension Board, General Board as well as represented the District as delegates to the General NYI Conventions and General Assemblies.

In spite of his crammed schedule, Rev George still remains faithful to his first call to preach the Gospel. He continues to minister as an evangelist throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean. He also makes time for God; devotional time with the Lord is considered sacred and ought not to be interrupted. Rev George serves as an excellent mentor and leader who is not afraid of getting his hands dirty if the need arises.

This District is truly blessed to have him as their leader, and undoubtedly, he is a man with a heart for God.