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Chairman District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Victor George, NMI Coordinator (English & Dutch Fields) Rev. Donnamie Ali, District SDMI Director Sr. Cindy Ann Collymore, Members of the Advisory Board, Pastors, District Council Members, Presidents, Delegates, and Friends, I greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and may grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God.


Mr. Chairman, It is with deep gratitude to God the Father and my Lord Jesus Christ that I present my fourth report as the District Nazarene Missions International President for the period March 2013 to February 2014.


The period under review was split into two parts; the first part was taken up in the preparation for and the eventual attendance of the Nazarene Missions International Global Convention in Indianapolis and the latter part was taken up in preparation and execution of the proposed local Work & Witness Project. In both circumstances there were challenges to overcome however, at the end of it all praise goes to God and those persons who made it happen.


In the period under review members were called upon to handle additional portfolios due to the reduction in the number of available council members. As a result some of the proposed activities did not materialize or were deferred.


As the District embarks on its re-focusing agenda we are faced with the challenge of Professionalism versus Volunteerism.  In some of our congregations, Missional services and programmes are relegated to the background.However it is imperative that we keep the fire of missions burning in our churches. I will expand further on this matter later.




Members of Council for the period March 2013 to February 2014 were:


Br. Leonard Grant                            President

Sr. Leigh Rampersad                        Vice-President/Educating Coordinator

Sr. Pearl Harris                                Secretary/ Giving Coordinator

Sr. Trudy Lewis                              Treasurer

Sr. Eva Woods                                Praying Coordinator

Rev. Alicia Baptiste                          Discipling/Mission Call Coordinator

Rev. Cheryl Ann Cardinez                  Discipling/Mission Call Coordinator

Br. Gerard Francis                            Work & Witness Coordinator

Br. Usman Mohammed                      East Zone Coordinator

Br. Cedric Cardinez                           North Zone Coordinator

Sr. Margaret Lindsay                        South Zone Coordinator

Sr. Ada Guevera                             Tobago Zone Coordinator

Rev. Dr. Victor George                     District Superintendent (ex officio)





Again, I publicly thank Eva Woods, Praying Coordinator, and her team which comprises Rev. Cheryl Ann Cardinez, Pastor Arnold Hargreaves, Min. Keevin Cedeno, Brenda Williams, and Brenda Alexis for their unwavering efforts in ensuring that in spite of the many challenges prayer remains relevant in the Church of the Nazarene. However, the proposed restructuring of District Prayer Meeting did not happen, therefore, only one District prayer meeting was held during the period on May 17th at the Santa Cruz Church of the Nazarene.



Mr. Chairman, while the proposed Discipleship and Youth in Mission Programme did not materialized during the period under review, it is not totally discarded. Rev. Cheryl-Ann Cardinez will expand on this programme in her report.



Again I repeat, Giving continues to be a challenge however, I wish to thank those churches that make it their duty to support missions. The fact that we are here today is a testimony that giving to mission is an investment for now and the future.


Pastors/Presidents are reminded that payments are to be made to the District Treasurer on a regular basis rather than a lump sum payment near the end of the year. This would make the job of Treasurer a great deal easier. Sr. Trudy Lewis the District NMI Treasurer will give you the details of our giving.



Mr Chairman it is worth repeating, the District NMI Council continues to encourage local councils to tell the mission story by supplying presidents and pastors with reading/resource materials such as: the International Mission  Education Journal (IMEJ), Prayer Mobilization Line newsletter, Engage, HeartLine, Global Glimpses, and Mission Connection electronically. Fellow workers please make good use these items and note we continue to stand ready to provide any other assistance needed.Sr. Leigh Rampersad will expand on this matter in her report



The Workshop in Tobago on April 6th had its challenges but was attended by three members of the District Council Rev. Alicia Baptiste, Sr. Pearl Harris, and Br. Leonard Grant. Rev. Dr. Margaret Eversley and Rev Donnamie Ali were the facilitators. The Tobago attendance was good and well received.


East Zone Mission Rally

The Mission Rally was held on Sunday 2nd June, 2013 at the Arima Church of the Nazarene Sr. Pearl Harris who deputized as Zone Coordinator will give the details of this event.


Global NMI Convention

The Trinidad and Tobago district was represented by a five members-team consisting of; Rev. David Ali, Br. Leonard Grant, Sr. Pearl Harris, Sr. Trudy Lewis, Sr. Leigh Rampersad, and two visitors, at the 22nd Global NMI Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA from 18th to 22nd June, 2013. The convention fulfilled all my expectation.


 Mr. Chairman as the Trinidad and Tobago District moves toward re-strategizing it is important that we seriously considered the advice given by General Superintendent Emeritus Dr. Stan Toler during his recent visit here when he pointed out that we need to be careful in adopting strategy/methodology whole-scale.


If I could only take out one thing from the Global Convention/ General Assembly experience it will be the heighten awareness of the threats of Professionalism versus Volunteerism. The Professionalism approach brings with it; aesthetics,  programmes, conferences, paid musicians, dancers, singers, worships leaders, etc. where the focus is generally on man and the catch phrase ”Blessed the man of God” is popular.

On the other side the Volunteerism approach can be aptly define in a tweet from Scott Armstrong: "A missionary is someone who sacrifices everything but the Gospel for the sake of the Gospel."


Therefore a more accurate interpretation of the accounts in 1 Kings 17: 8 – 24, 2 Kings 4: 1 - 36 would be - blessed the man on a mission for God. The man or woman on a mission is a missionary therefore it is more reasonable to say – give to mission and be blessed. Members of the District Work & Witness Team can certainly testify to that fact.


District Missional Rally

The Missional Rally was held On Sunday 15th September 2013 at the Guanapo Church of the Nazarene.The theme ‘Celebrating fifty years of Indigenous Leadership’ expressed one of the major highlights of the service. Six (6) past District Presidents who served during 1962-2010 were honoured for their distinctive service to the Missions Arm of the Church of the Nazarene Trinidad and Tobago District.


A powerful message was delivered by Feature Speaker Rev Dr Scoffield Eversley, President of the Caribbean Nazarene College, encouraging the church to take a ‘Barnabas’ approach to missions.  Sr. Leigh Rampersad presented a Power Point Production of highlights from the Global NMI Convention.  Sr. Lynda Woolford, Global Youth Missions Coordinator - English Field, shared the mission and vision of the Genesis Project.  Feedback was that it was generally a good event. Past Presidents felt appreciated and people were saddened that they missed it.


Hosting Rev. Jennifer Browne, Former Global NMI President

On Sunday 4th July, 2013 Former Global NMI President Rev Jennifer Brown was hosted by the Tunapuna COTN in their Morning Worship Service. The congregation was blessed by both her singing and preaching.


Foreign Work and Witness Team Visit

During the period 6th July to 14th July, 2013 The Adrian First Church of the Nazarene Youth Team from Michigan, USA under the leadership of Pastor Michael Graham visited Trinidad and conducted Vacation Bible School and Youth Outreach Ministry at the Nazarene Holiness Centre and the La Platta New Start. The feedback from the trip was excellent.


Work & Witness

The Laventille Church of the Nazarene Roof Replacement Project, after overcoming several challenges and delays, was finally accomplished during to the period Monday 20th January to Friday 24th January, 2014.  Special praises and thanks are in order to Nicholas De Sormeaux, John Gibson, Miguel Lara, Deacon Anthony Peters, Rev. Dr. Victor George, Yvonne Gibson, and Loraine Grant. Also thanks to all the other persons who supported the venture with their money, time, and efforts. Gerard Francis will expand on this item.


Visit to churches

During the period under review I visited the Cocorite Church, the Valencia Church, the San Fernando Church and the launching of the Lowlands Nazarene House of Praise. I also visited several other churches in one or more of the roles I undertook.

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