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Mr. Chairman, President of Caribbean Nazarene College Rev. Dr. Scoffield Eversley, Rev. Dr. Clifford Manswell District Superintendent Emeritus, District Advisory Board Members, Pastors and other Ministerial Colleagues, Heads of Departments, Delegates, and friends - Warmest Greetings.

Mr. Chairman, it gives me great pleasure to present my eighth (8th) report as District Superintendent of this great District. When I took up this assignment, I was unaware that I was beginning work for which I had little training. I had to cross the strategic barrier. I had to move from doing ministry, where my gifts were directly involved with many people. I had to switch from primarily doing ministry to enabling others to do ministry. The move also involved shifting from doing direct ministry to indirect ministry. More time spent with fewer people equals both a greater and a lasting impact for God; that is the way forward for me. I am happy to report that I have made the mental shift. I do not possess all that is needed but I am willing to learn and to allow others to fill my weak areas. 


Re-branding the Church of the Nazarene

The District leadership under God’s leading and our willingness to follow has taken up a task that is much, much bigger than ourselves for our total trust is in God. We realize that in our life of faith, our resources, or lack of them, can become the enemy of trust. God wants us to depend on Him, not on our own strength, whether physical, financial, or intellectual. When God gives us an impossible task it becomes possible; if you don’t believe me, ask Gideon in (Judges 7:2-8).

God sent New Church Specialties to us to help us rebrand the church. They have been involved with thousands of churches globally helping in the refocusing process. They represent this idea of Natural Church Development or NCD. This process can simply be seen as a barrel prepared for planting in which you have placed the right soil for the plant to grow.

Last year, I took a course in grow-box system. This system refers to the production of crops in an enclosed box-like structure using a special mixture inside the box to grow the crops. The material used inside the box does not contain soil. Fertilizers are added to the mixture to provide the plant with their nutrition. Similarly, NCD is saying if you put the right mixture in the church soil it will produce good crops. That is what we are doing in this process of refocusing. This is what the Bible said: “the Kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground. He sleeps and rises night and day, and the seeds sprout and grows, he knows not how” (Mark 4:26-27).


District Achievements 2013 


       1.      Church Refocusing Exercise

Mr. Chairman I continue to make the point that this is the single most important project that this district will ever undertake. I keep reminding myself that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Praise the Lord that in the year in review, all churches have completed their Church Health Evaluation. Churches are nearing completion of their Community Survey. 


2.      Laventille Youth Development Centre

The committee has completed the report. I am awaiting the final copy. Further, Mr. Chairman, a team of Work and Witness members moved into Laventille from the 19th – 25th January, 2014 and installed a brand new roof on the building. Thanks to the team led by Brothers Leonard Grant and Gerry Francis and all other team members.


3.      District Action Plan

Mr. Chairman, I am happy to announce that the District Advisory Board is nearing completion of a review of the Strategic Development Plan which will be seeking to rebrand the Church of the Nazarene Trinidad and Tobago in the years ahead. The plan is predicated on the fusion of the seven strategic priorities of the Board of General Superintendents and eight characteristics of a healthy church. It is indeed taking shape beautifully. 


4.      Tablets for Pastors

Today, each Pastor will be given a brand new Android Tablet made available by the English Field Office for the equipping of Pastors so that they can be on the cutting edge in their study and delivery of the Word. These Tablets can be seen as tools provided for Pastors’ greater effectiveness in their ministry. They are the property of the Trinidad and Tobago District for four years. Thanks to the English Field and the generous donors. 


5.      General Assembly 2013

Mr. Chairman, our district was able to send a full delegation to represent us in Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A. in June 2013. Our delegation participated in all sessions including the election of two new General Superintendents: Dr. David Busic and Dr. Gustavo Crocker. For me, the highlight of the assembly was the Board of General Superintendents’ presentation of the future direction the Church of the Nazarene must take, referred to as the Seven Strategic Priorities:


1)      Meaningful Worship

2)      Theological Coherence

3)      Passionate Evangelism

4)      Intentional Discipleship

5)      Church Development

6)      Transformational Leadership

7)      Purposeful Compassion   


6.      Decentralized Studies Program (DCSP)

Mr. Chairman, training and developing our people continue to be vital components in our District D.N.A. Our National D.C.S.P. Director has the passion and drive to see all our churches equipped with an array of differently skilled people to serve this present age. To this end, two new centers were started, one in the North which is doing very well under the leadership of Shirley Ramcharan and the other in Tobago under the leadership of Rev. Jennifer Thom. Pastors are encouraged to mobilize their people toward training. Thanks to Rev. Vilma Mohammed and all her centre coordinators.  


7.      Pastoral Vacancies


Mr. Chairman, today it gives me great honor and pleasure to welcome the minister who played a major part early in my pastoral life by mentoring me. The Rev. Jennifer Thom took up the pastorate at the Bethany Church of the Nazarene in May 2013 and was installed in July 2013. After eight months of leadership, the church has already started showing signs of growth. Special thanks to Rev. Alicia Baptiste who held on as interim Pastor for a year.

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