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The Delegates to the Committee on Current Moral and Social Issues on March 17, 2012


Recalling the principles outlined within the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene;


Recognizing that globalization and liberalization have important implications for the Church;

 that globalization and liberalization have important implications for the Church;


Determined to enhance the effectiveness of the decision-making and implementation processes of the Local Church, have agreed as follows:-


1. That the Local Church Board should set up a small team to disseminate and implement the revised Current, Moral and Social Issues, and that a report by this team be included as an agenda item at the Church’s Annual General Meeting. Also, that Pastors and church leaders should educate their congregations on the stipulations on the Current, Moral and Social Issues as stated in the current Manual of the Church of the Nazarene. (Amended)


2. That our members must be cognizant of the fact that our body is the temple of the Living GOD and should pay attention to a holistic lifestyle in keeping with a healthy well being. Fasting and regular checkups (including testing for Cancer, Hiv/Aids, Stds, Diabetes, and Hypertension) are advised.


3. That Local Churches shall reemphasize sexual abstinence for the unmarried and educate their membership on Aids / Sexually Transmitted Infections and Substance Abuse. Also, that the Local Church shall empathize and be active in the rehabilitation of persons who are afflicted. We shall support governmental and non-governmental bodies in their efforts under the umbrella of the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in keeping with our Values and Beliefs.


4. That homosexual relationships and homosexual marriage are deviant behaviours contrary to the Word of God and to the holiness doctrine of the Church of the Nazarene, in harmony with the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene D.37. (Amended)


5. That in light of the upsurge of crime our members are strongly advised to exercise due diligence and wisdom in the conduct of their daily affairs. Also, that the church facilitates pastoral care and counselling to victims of crime.

6. That whilst there are benefits to be derived from access to the internet, our members must be made aware of the evil it poses to us, which may come through various sites e.g. pornography and predatory chat sites. It must be reiterated that our members should be aware and guard themselves.


7. That the Local Church SDMI and NYI educate our members that certain forms of entertainment, such as gambling, recreational drinking, those aspects of Carnival that are contrary to our covenant of Christian character and conduct (the Manual of the church of the Nazarene 34.2. and 34.5. refers), and literature, movies, videos, and music that glorify the crude and obscene, degrade women, promote violence (e.g. gangster rap), and dishonour God be avoided. This should be done through relevant literature seminars and workshops. (Amended)


8. That racism and ethnic prejudice should be condemned vigorously; and the respect for personhood, the appreciation of our differences (racial or otherwise) be positively affirmed, specifically with respect to treatment of immigrants, and that such shall be nurtured throughout our churches via meaningful programmes and ministries.


9. (a) That Local churches, where possible, shall assist in the academic development of its members and the community at large, making use of government and non-governmental organizations. Also, that our members in pursuing higher education shall not abandon their Christian values and service.


(b) That Local Churches encourage their members to choose careers (e.g. entrepreneurs, politicians, media practitioners, artists, song writers) that will be instrumental in shaping public opinion in the future.


10. (a) That our members who are represented by unions or involved in political activity shall follow decisions taken only to the point where they do not compromise their Christian integrity.

(b) That it should be emphasised and explained that our members should not join Lodges. (The Manual of the Church of the Nazarene 34.3 refers)


11. (a) That Pastors shall encourage their members to set aside at least one night per week for family devotions as well as for the express purpose of spending quality time with each other.

(b) That within three (3) months of the District Assembly, the Sunday School Discipleship Ministries Director appoints a District Family Life Director and works with the Director to establish Family Life committees comprising of Zone Representatives who would assist the Local churches in implementing their Family Life program.

(c) That the Local Church shall implement a strong Family Life ministry to address various family issues both in the church and the community e.g. conflict and moral breakdown in the home; parent / child relationship; husband / wife relationship, and strong positive male and female role models.


12.       (a) That further emphasis shall be placed on the declaration “We believe that each individual …should have equal opportunity according to one’s ability…” (The Manual of the Church of the Nazarene 903.2. refers). Also, the aforementioned belief is the determining factor in steering us towards equality in leadership opportunities.

(b) That the District Advisory Board shall hold each Local Church accountable for examining and implementing ways and means to facilitate differently-abled persons in their community.


13.       That our people adopt a zero tolerance towards all forms of abuse, including physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, mental, and financial abuse. (NEW)


14.     That our people consider establishing non-governmental Charitable Foundations to address social issues about which they are passionate, in consultation with our local Nazarene Compassionate Ministry. (NEW)


Rev. Kwame Payne                                                  Min. Alicia Baptiste

Chairman                                                                   Secretary

17th March 2012

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