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Prayer Cells

I.    The Purpose of Prayer Cells
    A.  To pray. (Acts 4:23-31)
    B.  The basics for prayer cells (Acts 2:46)
    C.  Strategies for starting prayer cells:
        1.    How many need to be started?
        2.    What types of homes?
        3.    Where should we meet?
        4.    What will happen in the prayer cells?
             a.    The agenda.
             b.    The leaders.

Evangelistic Campaigns
I.    Do the Work in Advance
     A.  Evangelistic campaigns take perspiration.
     B.  Evangelistic campaigns take inspiration.
II.     The Principles of Evangelism
     A.  God does not want any to perish.
     B.      God wants everyone to come into the Kingdom.
     C.      He acts in accordance to His will.
     D.  He wants the believer to be sanctified.
III.    How Evangelistic Campaigns Work
    A.      Big Brothers/Big Sisters:
        1.  Consecrate Big Brothers/Big Sisters two     months in advance.
        2.  Begin to pray for ten (10) people.
    B.      Prayer cells:
        1.  Begin prayer cells three months in advance.
2.  Invite everyone who has been prayed for to these campaigns three weeks in advance.

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