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Each One Wins One

I.    Evangelism is not Accidental!
    A.    Evangelism happens on purpose:
        1.    It will take a plan to reach the unchurched.
        2.    When one person catches the vision.
    B.    The Holy Spirit wants us to build the church:
        1.    To impact our community.
        2.    To start new churches.

II.    The Purpose
    A.    Each One Win One is based on biblical principles.
    B.    We are a part of that plan.

III.    Preparing the Church
    A.    Every church has its own personality:
        1.    Not every evangelistic strategy fits.
        2.    It begins with the pastor.

IV.    The Dedication Service
     A.    The strategy is launched.
     B.        The moment of dedication:
         1.    Call for commitment:
             a.    The challenge is to win one person to Christ.
             b.    To pray that God will help.
             c.    List the persons that they will be praying for.
             d.    The call to disciple.
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