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1. Do thorough and continuous evaluation consultation of all our churches.

2. Embed and Entrench “Right” DNA into all our churches.

3. Develop Systems of Multiplication for Church Growth and Training.

4. Implement Saturation Evangelism.

5. Expect and Affirm a “Book of Acts” Multiplication.

6. Execute Intentional Planting of Churches that Plant Churches.

7. Plant Churches through House Church Methodology.

8. Accomplish Rapid Reproduction of Churches and Members.

9. Implement a System of Every Leader Mentoring a Leader(s).

10. Achieve Rapid Incorporation of New Believers.

11. Empower and Deploy Local Leaders and Members.

12. Develop an “Organic’ Church that Moves to the People “Missiology.
13. Experience Discipleship and Fellowship through Conference.

14. Foster a Garden of Gethsemane Prayer Life for Leaders and Members.

15. Make Mission a Priority over Personal Rights and Privileges.

16. Develop a Risk Failure Environment.

17. Develop a Contextualized Church and Mission.

18. Develop a Self-Reliant Church.

19. Utilize a “Wrinkle Time” Approach to Mission.

20. Maintain a Vision and Mission Focus.

21. Implement Strategy-Centered Policies.

22. Maintain a Leadership Bias.
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