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Time of Event 
 1 Day 1 Contact a family in their home
 2 Day 1
 Request permission to share God’s Word over lunch etc
 3 Day 1 Ask if they have any friends or family who would like to hear God’s Word next time.
 4 During 1st two months
 Meet with this growing weekly Bible study, strongly,  implanting our DNA.
 5 Not later than end of 2nd month  Personal Evangelism Training for all Bible study members.
 6 During the 1st. two months Identify and equip a leader for this emerging house church
 7 Usually during 3rd month but after Personal Evangelism
 Show the Jesus Film with the intentional strategy to assimilate.
 8 No Later than during the 4th month. Lead the Bible study in planting another Bible study in the area.
 After DNA is established and they have planted another Bible study. Declare the Bible study a “Church” (Preaching Point Status).
 From the beginning to the end. Monthly Holiness Conference and Fellowship with all Churches in their Mehaber (Conference).
 Within six months Plant another church.
 12 Usually within 6 month but after they plant their first church Declare “Mission Church” Status and begin Pastor Training (CLT) and membership training.
 13 One year goal- Requires approval of district, zone, leaders. Organize as “local church.”
 14 CPM Goal- One Church Every Six Month. Continuous involvement in T+T Holiness Church Planting Movement.
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