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We have adopted both Ethiopian and Each One Win One Models as our District Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting Mission Strategy.


Our mission is to develop Christ like disciples in all our churches and release them to start new churches.


Our vision is to carry the message of biblical holiness to every community in Trinidad and Tobago in this generation. 


“DNA is the internal code that maintains the integrity of each multiplied cell. In every organism, DNA is what encodes each cell with its proper process and place in the body.  In the expansion of the kingdom of God, DNA maintains the strength, vitality, and re-productivity of every cell in Christ’s body. Just as the DNA is exactly the same in almost every cell of a body, the DNA is the same throughout the Body of Christ, for all its members and in every cell. The DNA is the pattern of kingdom life, from the smallest unit (the disciple in relationship to Jesus and others) to the largest unit. The pattern is the same and its expression remains constant”
Our DNA is simplified to five things. They are needed in every part of the church, from the smallest unit to the largest.

1.    Preach, Teach and Experience Biblical Holiness Theology.

“On October 5, 2008, we celebrate, out of many, one, out of one, many, in over 20,000 congregations in 151 nations of the world Nazarene pastors are being asked to preach from, 1 Peter 2:4 – 10 verse 5 says… you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifice acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

A holy priesthood “You also;” that includes each one of us.  We have embraced the radical optimism of grace!  Through the experience of entire sanctification believers may enter into a deeper relationship with God through Christ in which the heart is cleansed from all sin and believers are enabled to love God with their whole heart, soul mind and strength and their neighbors as they would love themselves.        

We confess that we believe in a continued radical transformation by which the perfecting work of God continues throughout the life of the believer.  We are holiness.
2.   We are a Church Planting Movement. 

We must see ourselves developing systems of multiplication for Church Growth and training… we must execute intentional planting of churches that plant churches.  We must accomplish rapid reproduction of churches that plant churches.   We must accomplish rapid reproduction of churches and members and this will be done through the house church methodology.

3.    We ought to become a self supporting church.

We must support each other financially.  We must support each other by pulling our human resources together through district work and witness and must support each other by utilizing all our trained and professional people to carry the work of our churches forward.

4.    We ought to become a praying church. 

The garden of Gethsemane prayer life must be fostered among our leaders and members.  We must practice extraordinary prayer in every local church, zones and district.  The kind of prayer that will move the hand of God and cause things to happen.

5.    We must become a sending church.

Each member must  be taught to be a minister.  We  must make a concerted effort to convert our membership into disciples.  Disciples are those who are willing to pay the price of following Christ. I heard one presenter said recently, “members come to the cross, disciples take-up the cross and follow Jesus.”

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